Family Law

If you are involved in Family Court in New York or New Jersey an experienced attorney can make a profound difference in the outcome of your case. Peter W. Green, Esq. assists clients that are involved in Family Court cases including:

- Child Custody

- Child Neglect

- Child Abuse

- Child Support Matters

- Downward Modification

- Upward Modification

- Contempt

- Willfulness Hearings

- Permanency Hearings

- Foster Care Issues

- Visitation

- Orders of Protection

In addition, Peter W. Green, Esq. handles divorce cases in New York and New Jersey representing clients with in their divorce case as well as issues related to their divorce, including:

- Child Custody

- Spousal Support

- Child Support

- Division of Assets

- Equitable Distribution

- Pet Issues

- No-Fault Divorce

- Visitation